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Dollar Tree Store Finds

I found these pieces for outdoor barbecue time for my daughter.
2 platers-4 plates-4 bowls- 4 cups- plastic utensils- 2 colored towel- and a large bowl all for $9.00

You could add these pieces to match.

My grandson loves to play house so I picked him up these items.

2 plates-cup-small bowls-2 snack cups-eating utencils- large container- all this for $6.00

This is another cute set the store had so I picked it up for another time.

These CAT construction vehicles are the best! They are made really good and last.
A find for $1.00 a piece!

This printable is on sale for $2.40 and has 30 pages of fun activities. 

What boy does't like magnets.

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